Changing your editor

Aside from the default WYSIWYG editor, Swish also offers a Markdown editor which those already familiar with using markdown may prefer.

To set your preferred editor, go to the preferences page.

The WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor works just like most document editors you may already be familiar with. It supports rich text and several keyboard shortcuts.

The Markdown Editor

Post content is written in markdown. This is a very popular system for creating formatted text.

There is A LOT of great content about markdown on the web, here is a few we recommend.

  1. A nice interactive tutorial that teaches the basics of using Markdown.
  2. A great website with introductions, cheat sheets and references.

Note: Most markdown implementations are similar, but to follow the best (most stable standards), we implement both the Commonmark and GitHub Flavoured Markdown (GFM) specifications.

The markdown editor's toolbar

At the top of the editor, there is a toolbar that adds some helpful tools.

  • Headings: The heading icon toggles the heading level of the current link. Starts from h1 to h6 and then turns it off.
  • Bold, Italic, Strikethrough
  • Quote
  • Numbered and Bullet Lists
  • Link
  • Code
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Clean Block: Clears all the formatting on the selected text.
  • Image: Insert an image into the post. This will open a file picker where you can upload images too.
  • Full Screen: Toggle Full Screen mode, in case you want to write without distractions.
  • PREVIEW: To preview your post. This shows how the post will look right in the editor. You can switch back to writing by clicking it again.
  • SETTINGS: Open the post settings. Read more

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Check out the Demo to see how everything works without having to sign up.