Creating and Editing Posts

Creating a new post

To create a new article, click the New Post link in the sidebar. This will bring you to the post editor.

Editing an existing post

To view all your articles, click on the All Posts link in the sidebar.
The list is separated into 3 tabs: Drafts, Published and Scheduled.

  • Drafts are posts you have saved, but have no published date.
  • Published posts have been published and are now visible to the public.
  • Scheduled posts have a published date set in the future and will automatically be available to the public when that date reaches.

When you find the post you want to edit, click on it and it will take you to the post editor.

Post Fields

The title

This is the only required field. Every post must have a title.


You can add tags to your posts. Tags are comma separated.
For example, business, family, new year: This becomes 3 tags:

  1. business
  2. family
  3. new year

NOTE: There is no need to add # to your tags. If you do, the # is assumed to be part of the tag.

See more: Post Tags


This is the main body of your post. By default there is a WYSIWYG editor for modifying the post content. However you can change your preferred editor to a markdown editor if you prefer that.


You can embed arbitrary HTML in Swish posts, this includes YouTube videos, Tweets, e.t.c.

First you have to copy the embed code. For example for YouTube videos, you can click on share > embed and then copy the code (complete instructions).

The way to add this to your post depends on which editor you're using.

  • WYSIWYG Editor: When using this editor, you can use the "HTML Block" icon on the toolbar, and paste your embed code in the box.
  • Markdown Editor: HTML is also valid markdown, so you can just place your embed code on it's own paragraph.

See Also


Check out the Demo to see how everything works without having to sign up.