Main Link and Navigation

On your blog, your logo and blog name is visible on the header of every page and links to your blog archive. We refer to this as the main link.

You are able to change this link to any destination.

A possible scenario is that you have your landing pages in another place while you use Swish to host your blog.

You can change your main link to your landing page, and then add your posts list page to your navigation menu

The navigation menu

You can add a navigation menu which will be placed in the header of the blog. This is useful if you want to allow users easily navigate to your landing page, social media pages, or to a signup page.

How to edit the navigation menu

In the blog settings page, in the navigation menu section, click on add:

  • The Text is what will be shown in the menu.
  • The Link is the URL to send the user to.
  • You can click on the trash icon to delete an item from the list.

After adding all your links, remember to save.

See Also


Check out the Demo to see how everything works without having to sign up.