Inviting Users

To invite a users, go to Users > Invite Users.

Invite Users Page

On the Invite Users page you will enter the emails of the users you want to invite. You can enter multiple emails to invite multiple users.

Also select the role you want to assign to the users, this determines the permissions they are given.

You can also toggle the advanced settings for finer control over what permissions they will be given.

Invite Users Page with advanced settings

Invitation Process

You can check the status of every invite at Users > View Invites. Before an invite is accepted, you can change the permissions by editing the invite. You can also delete the invite if you've changed your mind.

We will attempt to send an invitation email to all the invited users, if the email is invalid or we had a problem, the invite will be marked as problematic, and you will be able to see this status when viewing the invtes.

NOTE: Invites are valid for 7 days.

Once the invitation email is succesfully sent, they will be able to accept the invitation and have access to the blog.

Inviting exisiting users

If you send an invite to an existing user, the invite will be have the status ALREADY A USER.

No new invite will be sent. You can edite the user's permissions to change their access.

Duplicate Invites

You cannot send multiple invites to the same email.

If you do this, the initial invite is refreshed, the validity will be reset and the role/permissions will be updated to that of the latest invite.

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