Webhook Integration

With webhooks, Swish can send a POST request to a specified endpoint when certain event occur.

The webhook should respond with 200 OK to signify that the notification was successful.

The possible event types are:

  • post_created: Sent when a post is created for the first time
  • post_published: Sent when a post is published
  • post_deleted: Sent when a post is deleted

The request has the content type application/json. Here is an example notification request:

  "event_type": "post_created",
  "data": {
    "post": {
      "id": "f60c27ef-86eb-40c3-921a-7d5208be193a",
      "blog_id": "af811b84-b5f5-4b35-9ac0-fda64f69ca20",
      "type": "post",
      "slug": "",
      "title": "TEST",
      "content": "The test content\n",
      "description": "",
      "canonical_url": ""

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