WordPress Integration

The WordPress integration allows you to connect a WordPress website to Swish.


When you add a new WordPress integration, you will first be asked what type of Website it is:

1. WordPress.com

If you select a hosted wordpress.com site, you will be redirected to WordPress to give Swish access to the blog.

Once done, your integratoin will then be active.

2. Self Hosted (WordPress.org)

If you select a self hosted wordpress site, we will ask you to generate a new Application Password for this Swish integration.

After you have created the application password, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Website URL: The URL of your website.
  • Username: Your username on your website.
  • Application Password: The application password which you generated from your WordPress profile page.

Once your integration is connected you can do one of the following:

1. Import Posts

On your integration settings page, go to the import tab and you will see a single option:

  • Import Posts: To confirm whether the import should begin.

Immediately you confirm this, the import process will begin in the background and we will send you a notification once it is completed.

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