DEV Integration

The DEV integration allows you to connect a DEV account to Swish.

To add a new DEV integration, you would need an API Key from your DEV account.

Once your integration is connected you can do one of the following:

1. Import Posts

On your integration settings page, go to the import tab and you will see a single option:

  • Import Posts: To confirm whether the import should begin.

Immediately you confirm this, the import process will begin in the background and we will send you a notification once it is completed.

2. Cross Posts

You can use Swish as a central place to publish your posts and syndicate to your DEV account.

To enable this, go to the Syndicate tab, set up the options:

  • Should Cross Post: Whether to activate cross posting.
  • Sync Publish Status?: Should the publish status of posts be sycned? If yes, the post on with be published/unpublished based on the status of the post on Swish. If unchecked, they will be saved as drafts the first time and the publish status will not be modified after.

Cross Posts to DEV are automatically kept in sync. Any edits you make will also be pushed to the DEV post.

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Check out the Demo to see how everything works without having to sign up.