Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

There are many aspects to SEO, as a platform to host your blog, Swish has a big part to play in the Technical SEO.

There are already

Your blog deserves good technical SEO, so of course Swish has several features that help you get optimize your SEO.

Website Speed

Swish serves your blog fast. The performance is already great, and always being improved.

lighthouse performance audit

Consolidating Domains

If you have been publishing with a hosted Swish domain (such as, then if you add a custom domain, we will automatically redirect your users (and any crawlers) to you custom domain.

This will help you retain your search engine rankings even when you switch domains.

Canonical URLs

If you are reposting articles from another source, you can set a canonical URL on your posts in the post settings

URL structure

Swish uses a very clean URL structure which is easy for search engine crawlers to understand and should help you rank better.

The URL for an article is auto-generated from the post title, and if you want, you can customize it for yourself in the post settings


Every page on Swish is served with over secure SSL connections. Wether or not you are using our hosted domain or your own custom domain.

HTTPS is already necessary for secure communications on the web, and Google and other search engines now favour pages served over secure connections, so it is important that Swish takes care of this for you.

Mobile Friendly

Google in particular has switched to a mobile-first index, meaning that the performance of your articles on mobile devices is primarily used to determine your Google ranking.

Swish takes this into account and makes sure your reader's experience on mobile devices is impeccable.


Sitemaps are a structured list of all the pages on your website. It can be submitted to search engines so that they easily know the pages to crawl.

Swish creates a sitemap for every blog at /sitemap.xml

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